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The documentation is being updated for version 1.3. Some sections may be incomplete.

The Cracks primitive creates large, cracked patterns on a flat base. You can use it to mask other nodes or subtract it from other primitives using the Combine node.


Basic Technique

By using Combine to subtract out the Cracks output, you can cut out the pattern in the main terrain.

Nested Patterns

The default pattern may seem to geometric and simplistic. This is by design so you have broad room to make modifications.

Create 3 different nodes, one with large cracks, one with medium cracks, and one with small and combine them for a more believable effect. As a rule of thumb, you can take the largest size, right-click the Scale slider and select the Halve button. Duplicate the node and halve it again for the next node.

This may still look too simple for most usage scenarios. So you can add distortions to the nodes by using the Displace option in the Post Process Stack. This will create more natural-looking cracks.

Remember to modify the Seed property under the Displacement post process slider to make each node randomized.

When subtracting this pattern out of another terrain, you can get complex, subtle effects.

If you need more elaborate distortions in your patterns, you can add a Warp node to each Cracks node.



StyleThe style of the crack pattern generated by the node.
NormalThe default style that creates cracks that gentle slope inward. HardThe edges of the cracks are not refined and may show aliasing. This may be useful if the softer edges create artifacts in other nodes. ClassicThe default style from previous versions of Gaea. This is creates very thin cracks without a slope curve.
OctavesThe number of crack pattern sets to generate.
ScaleThe overall size of the cracked pattern.
DepthThe depth of the cracks. It also widens the cracks.
JitterControl the offset of the cracks between symmetrical and chaotic.
Warp StrengthThe strength of the warp distortion applied to the cracks.
Warp SizeThe size of the warp distortion applied to the cracks.
SeedThe randomization pattern or seed for the node's process.

Advanced settings

Scale XThe non-uniform scale on the X axis.
Scale YThe non-uniform scale on the Y axis.
Constant DriftNoise

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