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Warp is a more powerful version of Displace. It can take the terrain and "warp" the shape creating more organic shapes. In terrains it can help create more believable shapes or alter simple shapes into a more complex formation. In masks, it can help create breakups that can make a linear mask more random and chaotic without losing its general shape.

Unlike Displace, Warp uses a more complex algorithm while being significantly faster. (Up 60x in many situations)

By using vector fields, the warping created by this node result in more comprehensive shapes without creating directional tearing or over-stretching the original shape.

Warp is also built into the Post Process Stack for easy access.

Node Properties

SizeLorem ipsum
StrengthLorem ipsum
Z-scaleLorem ipsum
Warp SourceLorem ipsum
Perlin FBM Lorem ipsum
Voronoi R Lorem ipsum
Voronoi P Lorem ipsum
Voronoi A Lorem ipsum
Voronoi S Lorem ipsum
Voronoi M Lorem ipsum
Voronoi D Lorem ipsum
PerturbationLorem ipsum
ComplexityLorem ipsum
RoughnessLorem ipsum
NormalizedLorem ipsum
Edge behaviourLorem ipsum
Edge Lorem ipsum
Mirror Lorem ipsum
SeedLorem ipsum
IterationsLorem ipsum
ModeLorem ipsum
Bitmap Lorem ipsum
Vector Field Lorem ipsum
Vector Field Integral Lorem ipsum