Version History

Gaea Version History

You will find releases notes and download links for Gaea releases for both the Production Ready and Bleeding Edge branches.

You will also find a Patch download link for more recent versions. To use the Patch, you must be running the most immediate version before the Patch version, otherwise use the Full Installer instead.

Download links may not be available for older archived versions.


Production Ready

Production Ready builds are stable, and thoroughly tested both by the QA team and regular users. They are released once or twice every month.

Bleeding Edge features are rolled into these builds slowly, once they undergo thorough testing.

Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge builds are released once or several times a week. They are mostly stable, but not fully ready for production.

You get to try new features as they're added, and provide feedback very early so we can modify them to your satisfaction.


Both install to different locations, and do not share settings or registry entries. This gives you the flexibility to try new features without endangering your work projects.

Version Scheme

A version such as is comprised of four elements Major . Minor . Build . Revision:

Major Only changed when a new, payable version is released. This happens perhaps once every two years.

Minor Updated when a major set of features are added. This usually happens a few times a year.

Build Updated every time there is a new release in the Production Ready branch. This happens once or twice a month.

Revision Updated every time a new build is released in the Bleeding Edge channel. This can happen once, or sometimes several times, in a week.

Revision is incremented also when a Bleeding Edge build is rolled into the Production Ready branch.

The Revision element was reset with the release of Gaea 1.0.28 to avoid confusion with the frequent Bleeding Edge updates.