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The Combine node is one of the most important nodes in Gaea. It allows to take two terrains (or any node output) and combine them using various mathematical operations, often known as 'Blend Modes'.

In addition, the Combine node also gives you a separation mask for texturing purposes.

Node Properties
Blend : Blend the values of the two inputs.
Add : Add Input2 to Input1.
Screen : Adds Input2 to Input1 without overexposing the output.
Subtract : Subtracts Input2 from Input1.
Multiply : Multiplies Input1 with Input2.
Divide : Divides Input1 with Input2.
Max : Selects the higher of the two inputs.
Min : Selects the lower of the two inputs.
SqRt : The square root of the two combined terrains.
Power : Use Input2 to create exponents of Input1.
Difference : Creates the difference of the two inputs.
RatioThe ratio applied to the selected method.
Swap InputsSwitch the two inputs.
Separation MaskWhen enabled, creates a separation mask that separates the original elements from the combined output.