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Node Properties
ScaleThe scale of the noise. Higher values create larger, less detailed shapes. Lower values create noisier, highly detailed shapes.
OctavesThe number of noise octaves. Higher values create more complexity.
Scale XThe non-uniform scale of the X axis.
Scale YThe non-uniform scale of the Y axis.
FBM : Use for varied noise.
Ridged : Use for sharp ridges.
Billowy : Use for lower, more bulbous shapes.
None : No warping.
Simple : Simple, soft warping.
Complex : Complex, turbulence warping.
Warp FrequencyFrequency of the warp. Higher numbers create stronger warping.
Warp AmplitudeThe strength of the warping applied to the base noise.
Warp OctavesThe complexity of the warping shape.
SeedThe randomization pattern or seed for the node's process.