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The Draw node lets you draw entire mountain ranges in the shape you choose.

To draw a mountain range of any shape, simply open the Guide Editor using the Edit Guides button in the Properties panel. Choose your brush settings (additive, subtractive; and brush size) and draw the shape of your choice. Click the Update button to update the generated shape, or lock to auto-update to update automatically on every stroke.

The Draw node excels at creating larger shapes, but the algorithm handles the smaller details. It is recommended that smaller details be processed after the fact using other nodes.

Attaching any heightfield to the Input port of the Draw node lets you see it under your Guide Editor surface. This is very useful when drawing mountains on the shapes generated by the Island node.

Node Properties
HeightThe height of the generated mountains. When Multiple Octaves is enabled, this setting determines the height of the tallest peak.
SprawlThe extent to which the mountains sprawl outwards from the drawing guides.
ConvexityHow convex the mountain shapes should be.
Multiple OctavesWhen enabled, produces a multi-octave mountain chain that has several different heights and peaks. This also takes 2x the processing time.
ScaleThe scale of the octave noise.
DisplacementThe amount of displacement added to the octave noise.
Erosion PowerThe amount of pseudo-erosion added to the shape.
SeedThe randomization pattern or seed for the node's process.