Work in progress! This document is currently being compiled and edited. Contents may not be fully complete.

Welcome to the Gaea User Guide

The documentation is organized to help you get started with Gaea quickly and easily regardless of your skill level.

Getting Started

Installing Gaea contains instructions on installing Gaea.

If you are completely new to terrain design software, we recommend starting with the Basics of Terrain Design and familiarizing yourself with the Gaea Interface in Getting around.

Gaea champions the idea of having multiple workflows to suit the artist and the terrain. You choose how you want to work. You can even change your workflow in the middle of the project without adverse effects. The Workflows section explains the main workflows in Gaea: Layers Workflow, Graph Workflow, Sculpt Workflow

The Using Gaea section explains various concepts in detail; including the Build Manager, Color Production, Importing Data, and more.

Refer to the Node Reference to learn about individual nodes, their functions, and usage advice.