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The Shaper node can bulk up, or bulk down, a terrain. Shaper is mainly created to add more "body" to landscape before eroding to avoid a look after eroding. Usually, if you erode a Λ shape, you get shape. If you apply Shaper, the pre-erosion shape becomes a shape, and after eroding it will be Λ, retaining the bulk in higher altitudes.

Shaper also lets you work in "local areas" so the effect is applied non-uniformly to the terrain. Additionally, you can also preserve fine details.

Shaper is a very useful tool that is fast and effective. You can use it through the Fx node as well as the Post Process Stack. However, the Shaper node is the only way to use the advanced options.


Shape Negative values will bulk down the shape, while positive values will bulk up the shape.
Local effect
Local area
Maintain fine detailsWhen enabled, finer detail is preserved regardless of shape changes.
Detail size
Recurve SoftClip

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