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The Shaper node can bulk up, or bulk down, a terrain. Shaper is mainly created to add more "body" to landscape before eroding to avoid a look after eroding. Usually, if you erode a Λ shape, you get shape. If you apply Shaper, the pre-erosion shape becomes a shape, and after eroding it will be Λ, retaining the bulk in higher altitudes.

Node Properties

ShapeNegative values will bulk down the shape, while positive values will bulk up the shape.
Local EffectWhen enabled, the effect is applied to local geological structures separately instead of the entire terrain.
Local AreaControls the local area radius that should be used for the local effect. Smaller values affect only the immediate areas around the geological structures, while larger values affect farther areas.
Maintain fine detailsWhen enabled, finer detail is preserved regardless of shape changes.
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