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Anastomosis creates interconnected water flow based downcutting, ranging from small pits to large river channels. It can be used for roughening up a surface without losing the features of that terrain, and for deepening existing flow structures.

Before and after Anastomosis.

Using high Impact and Influence values in Destructive mode.

Using a high Impact value in Rivers mode.



Impact The intensity of the process. Higher values create stronger physical impacts within the erosion process.
Flow Width The relative width of the areas impacted by the erosion.
Erosion Depth The influence or depth of the downcutting caused by the erosion.
FlowThe style of the downcutting in the erosion process.
DestructiveTiny, small scale roughening of the entire surface with higher impact on steep slopes. PitsLarger pit like impacts that overlap often, biased slightly towards existing flow structures. FlowsDeepen existing flow structures and create new minor ones. RiversDeepen existing flow structure in major river flow zones only. Rivers x2A powerful version of the Rivers mode. Rivers x4An extreme version of the Rivers mode. FloodingIntense low-altitude, low-slope, destructive mode. Use sparingly. Flooding x2A more powerful version of Flooding. May not work with some terrains. Flooding x4An extreme version of Flooding. May not work with some terrains.
AccuracyThe accuracy of the simulation. You can speed up the simulation by lowering the accuracy.
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