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The documentation is being updated for version 1.3. Some sections may be incomplete.

The Flow Map can be used to create flow data at any point in the graph, rather than relying on an Erosion node output. The Flow map simulates rainfall and water accumulation on the terrain.

There are advantages to both Constant Rainfall options. Average rainfall can be used to highlight stronger flow areas, while Constant rainfall can be used to highlight all flow areas. Combining both can be useful for texture creation.



RainfallThe number of rain cycles to calculate. Smaller values create small, detailed flows. Larger values create stronger, wider flows.
PrimaryAdds primary flow to the output.
SecondaryAdds secondary flow to the output.
TertiaryAdds tertiary flow to the output.
QuaternaryAdds quaternary flow to the output.
2x Simulation


UniformApplies uniform enhancement to all the flows.
AllThe enhancement value for all the flows.
PrimaryThe enhancement value for the primary flow.
SecondaryThe enhancement value for the secondary flow.
TertiaryThe enhancement value for the tertiary flow.
QuaternaryThe enhancment value for the quaternary flow.
QualityThe quality of the flow.
Dither Growth

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