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The documentation is being updated for version 1.3. Some sections may be incomplete.


Growth Areas

TypeThe shape of the generic trees to grow.
ConifersSharp, tall spikes that look like coniferous trees. BroadleafA highly generic shape that looks like a wide coverage of broadleaf plants like forests and jungles. ShrubsA simple, sparse growth that looks like shrubs
HealthThe overall health of the ecosystem. Degrading health will create sparser populations, tree stump-like formations, and general dead patches. When Health goes below 0%, growths will be forced into small groves or sparse populations in only a few random places on the terrain.
HeightThe arbitrary height of the individual plants.
StyleThe style of the generated tree shape.
SeedThe randomization pattern or seed for the node's process.


GrowthThe fertility of the ecosystem.
Flowing WaterGrowth bias towards freshwater flows.
AvoidTrees will grow away from flowing water or snow accumulation. Useful for places with rivers, snow accumulation, etc. SeekTrees will grow closer to where water flows, often in shadowed places. Useful for arid environments, canyons, etc.
FlowsThe amount of flow to simulate.
Consolidate FlowsConsolidation of smaller flows. Higher values merge smaller flows into larger ones.
Simulation BiasArtificially bias the growth to lower or higher areas. Useful for artistic tweaking.
Altitude Min/MaxThe altitude range within which plants can grow.
Slope Min/MaxThe slope range within which plants can grow.
PatchesThe amount of empty patches in the vegetation growth areas.
ChaosThe distortion of the vegetation grove/clump edges.
SmoothThe amount of edge smoothing where vegetation becomes sparse.
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