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Buildup is an inverse form of erosion. Instead of taking sediments away, like the drag of Hydraulic erosion, Buildup adds crusting to convex edges of the terrain.

All erosion features found in terrain design software focus almost exclusively on carving the terrain, which eventually results in a predictable model. Buildup conversely regenerates some of the lost mass, filling up the excessively carved and convex areas. This is quite useful for simulating ancient landscapes.

Node Properties
AmountThe amount of sediment buildup to add to the terrain.
DispersionThe distance up to which the sediment buildup should expand.
InversionInvert the process of dispersion on slopes.

Enable Parallel ProcessingEnable multi-CPU processing of the effect.
Chunk SizeThe chunk size into which the image is divided for processing.
Edge BlendingThe percentage of blending between the edges of neighboring chunks. Higher values require more memory and processing time.

If you see grid-like artifacts in your output, use higher values for Edge Blending. If that does not help, try increasing Chunk Size. If either does not help, you can disable Parallel Processing. This may result in slower builds, but the result will be accurate and error free.