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The documentation is being updated for version 1.3. Some sections may be incomplete.

Parallel Processing

Some nodes use chunk-based parallel processing, where small chunks of the image are processed separately on different processor cores to speed up the process. Once processed, they are blended with their neighbors and combined into a single terrain.

Configure Nodes

All nodes that use Parallel Processing will have the following parameters.

EnableToggles parallel processing.
Chunk SizeThe chunk size into which the image is divided for processing.
Edge BlendingThe percentage of blending between the edges of neighboring chunks. Higher values require more memory and processing time.

Deterministic Output

Some nodes like Wizard and Erosion will present Parallel Processing in the form a Deterministic checkbox, without chunk parameters.

Due to the nature of these algorithms and parallel processing, the erosion flow may differ slightly each time. To ensure 100% exact results every time, you can turn on the Deterministic option. However, this will force Gaea to use a single processor core which will result in slower processing.

You can read more in Eroding Terrains.

Troubleshooting Grid Artifacts

If you see grid-like artifacts in your output, use higher values for Edge Blending. If that does not help, try increasing Chunk Size. If neither helps, you can disable Parallel Processing. This may result in slower builds, but the result will be accurate and error free.

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