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Convector is an exaggerated form of thermal erosion with a few tweaks for stylized output. Convector creates strong slopes and terraces at the same time, offering a unique flavor of erosion.

The delicate terracing can be very useful as a base for the Erosion node. As you can see in the second screenshot, these terraces help mimic a big mountain — especially for snow accumulation purposes.

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IterationsNumber of iterations of the convection process.
SteepnessHow much steepness to eradicate. Low values create sharper drops. High values create smooth flows.
StrengthStrength of convection where sediments are bound together.
CutoffAltitude at which the effect is cut off.


InvertInvert slope angles.
AddAdd mass to rocks.
RemoveRemove mass from rocks.
Buildup Crumble

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