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The Startup Screen is your main entry point into Gaea.

On the right side, you have all the commands you need to get started. On the left side, you can access the most recently opened projects.


Create a terrain (Graph): Creates a new terrain with the Graph Workflow.

Create a terrain (Layers): Creates a new terrain with the Layers Workflow.

Open an existing file: Lets you open any Gaea terrain file or Sculpt project.

Open a Quickstart: Gaea ships with several @quickstarts that help you get started and that teach various techniques. This command lets you open Quickstarts.

Create a blank graph: By default, the Graph is created with a handful of nodes to get you started. If you prefer to start with a blank graph, you can use this command.

Create a new sculpt: Creates a new Erosion Studio Sculpt Workflow project. It will ask you for an existing heightfield to use as your sculpting base. See Sculpt Workflow for details.

The ... menu in the top right gives you access to additional options.

Preferences: Opens the Preferences dialog.

Disable 3D Viewport: This option lets you disable the 3D viewport and replaces it with the 2D Viewport. This can be helpful for diagnosing problems, working in only the 2D view, or quickly changing the settings in an existing file for building.

Help: Takes you to this documentation.

About: Displays version and other information for the installed version of Gaea.

Exit: Exits Gaea.