Gaea Documentation
The documentation is being updated for version 1.3. Some sections may be incomplete.



Sun azimuthThe direction of the sun.
Sun elevationThe elevation of the sun.


UltraThe highest quality AO. It takes quite a long time to calculate but produces very good results. This is the recommended quality when baking Lighting for high resolution assets with small details. HighHigher quality AO that is slower to calculate. It is useful when you have small, intricate shapes. MediumThe default value. A good balance between quality and speed. LowLow quality Ambient Occlusion. This is quite sufficient in many situations.

Direct light

Direct lightEnable the Direct Light pass.
ShadowsEnable the Shadows pass.
Sun angular diameterThis property controls the softness of the shadows.

Ambient light

Ambient lightEnable indirect, ambient lighting.
Ambient occlusionEnable the Ambient Occlusion pass.


ExposureThe exposure for the render. Use this just like the exposure value in a camera.
Sun intensityIntensity of direct sunlight.
Ambient intensityIntensity of ambient light.
Air densityDensity of the atmosphere.
HazeThe amount of haze in the atmosphere. This can make the sunlight whiter and less saturated.
Ozone layer thicknessThickness of the ozone in the atmosphere. This adds a slight blue tinge to the ambient light.
Automatic colorsGenerate colors automatically based on sun angle and other conditions.
Sun colorThe color of the direct sunlight. Only available when Automatic Colors is disabled.
Ambient colorThe color of the ambient light. Only available when Automatic Colors is disabled.
Ground brightnessBrightness of the ground. This controls the color of the terrain when no color map is provided.
Soft clipConvert HDR color values to LDR values by soft clipping. This prevents over and under-exposure.
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