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The Terrace node lets you modulate the terracing process by attaching a second, optional input.

Try using two Terrace nodes: one with fewer terraces and lower uniformity, and another with several terraces and higher uniformity. The combined output can be tweaked using the Soft Falloff and Intensity settings to avoid over processing.

Node Properties

TerracesThe number of terraces to create.
UniformityThe uniformity of the vertical space between terraces.
SteepnessThe steepness of the terrace edge.
IntensityThe strength of terracing applied to the terrace.
Soft FalloffSoftens the blend of the terrace edges with the base terrain.
ReprocessApplies all processing twice for enhanced effect.
Default : TODO
Residual : TODO
Gentle : TODO
SeedThe randomization pattern or seed for the node's process.