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Voronoi is a staple of procedural design. It creates sharp, geometric patterns. The version in Gaea, however, is a "geo-variant". We have modified the base Voronoi shape to fit the needs of terrain design from the beginning.

Node Properties
ScaleThe perceptual scale of the Voronoi shapes. Higher values create more shapes.
SeedThe randomization pattern or seed for the node's process.
DualCreates two overlapping Voronoi patterns.
None : No warping.
Simple : Simple, soft warping.
Complex : Complex, turbulence warping.
Warp FrequencyFrequency of the warp. Higher numbers create stronger warping.
Warp AmplitudeThe strength of the warping applied to the base noise.
Warp OctavesThe complexity of the warping shape.
Scale XThe non-uniform scale of the X axis.
Scale YThe non-uniform scale of the Y axis.
E : Euclidean function.
M : Manhattan function.
N : Natural, geology-friendly version of Euclidean.
C : Voronoi cells with height decided by the cells themselves.
N : Voronoi cells with height decided by the nearest neighbor.
P : The default look for this geo-variant, suitable for creating mountains.
A : A mix between P and M.
S : Individual mountains with fully separated boundaries.
M : Favors the strongest cell; good for creating a big mountain slope.
D : Favors ridges over cell centers.