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The Fault primitive creates a fault in the terrain. The shape can be anything from a crack to a valley, based on the settings.

When the Fault node is used by itself, it will create a fault in a flat terrain. To produce a fault in your existing terrain, attach it to another node.

To create a "multi-fault": duplicate a Fault node, attach it to the original Fault node, and change a few settings. For example - changing the depth, width, or even seed, can produce interesting results.

Node Properties
WidthThe width of the fault.
DepthThe depth of the fault.
ShrinkContraction of the fault from the two ends.
ScaleThe scale of the shapes and features of the fault.
ChaosThe randomness of features of the fault.
XThe horizontal position of the fault. Only available when Shrink is above 0.0.
YThe vertical position of the fault.
AngleThe direction of the fault.
SeedThe randomization pattern or seed for the node's process.