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If your terrain has a hard edge, try using the @zero-borders node before applying the Bomber node.

Node Properties
DistributionThe method of distribution
Random : A randomized distribution that results in pure chaotic patterns.
Poisson : A discrete probability distribution function that results in a natural distribution.
Grid : A normalized grid distribution function that results in a systematic pattern.
ClustersThe number of independent distribution clusters.
DensityThe density of the independent clusters, and the instances within each cluster.
JitterThe random offset applied to each instance while distributing.
Blend Mode
Add : TODO
Screen : TODO
Max : TODO
Min : TODO
Difference : TODO
StrengthThe contribution level in overlapping instances.
Strength MaxTODO
Minimum ScaleThe smallest randomized instance size.
Maximum ScaleThe largest randomized instance size.
Minimum RotationThe minimum randomized rotation angle.
Maximum RotationThe maximum randomized rotation angle.
SeedThe randomization pattern or seed for the node's process.