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Breakage is the stark form of erosion encapsulated in Gaea's Stratify node. This erosion method allows you to stratify the terrain in a non-linear fashion. Unlike terracing, stratification involves substrata/subterraces created in confined local zones, such as between two broken plates. Each stratified layer exists independent from the rest of the layer, creating a robust, realistic formation.

Node Properties
StrengthThe amount of stratification to be applied. Low values produce more strata, with fractured, delicate substrata; high values produce stronger, larger strata.
SubstrataAt non-zero values, this setting creates a secondary level of stratification between the first level of stratification for added detail.
FilteredWhen ON, creates smoother curvature for the plates.

Enable Parallel ProcessingEnable multi-CPU processing of the effect.
Chunk SizeThe chunk size into which the image is divided for processing.
Edge BlendingThe percentage of blending between the edges of neighboring chunks. Higher values require more memory and processing time.

If you see grid-like artifacts in your output, use higher values for Edge Blending. If that does not help, try increasing Chunk Size. If either does not help, you can disable Parallel Processing. This may result in slower builds, but the result will be accurate and error free.