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The documentation is being updated for version 1.3. Some sections may be incomplete.

AutoLevel is a composite leveling node that allows you to level your terrain using one or more methods. This node can be useful when you want to stretch your terrain vertically or emphasize certain types of heights. It can also be very useful when working with masks; such as Flow output from the Erosion node, or any other 2D mask that may look too faint.

By default, AutoLevel automatically stretches the heights of the terrain between 0 to 100% height while maintaing the proportions.

All leveling modes provide a strength slider to manage the amount of modification.

AutoLevel is recommended over Equalize in most situations. The latter may make terrains look too bulky and remove delicate features in some cases.



Apply AutolevelAutomatically levels the terrain where the heights are proportionately distributed between the highest and lowest points.
StrengthThe strength of the applied levels method.


Apply Raise
MultiplierThe strength of the applied raise.


Apply LogApplies logarithmic scaling to the terrain. It works similarly to Autolevel, but uses a logarithmic curve that bulks up the terrain much more.
InverseInverts the log curve.
LogThe strength of the log curve.


Apply EqualizeEqualizes the terrain where the heights are linearly distributed between the highest and lowest points.
EqualizeThe strength of the equalization.


Apply GammaApplies a Gamma-style height adjustment to the terrain.
Auto-GammaApplies Auto-Gamma.
GammaThe Gamma amount to be used. This only works when Auto-Gamma is turned off.
Abs Blur

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