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The documentation is being updated for version 1.3. Some sections may be incomplete.

Sea is a multi-function water surface generator and coastal erosion tool. Its primary purpose is to create a water surface, while Coastal Erosion creates beaches and cliffs.

The water surface can be generated either as global surface or filled from the edges without affecting inland features. In the latter mode, you can have custom control over which edges fill inward by using the Edge input mask.

This node has hidden ports. You can access the hidden ports through the connect menus or by dropping a connection in the middle of the node to trigger the auto-connect menu. See Convenience Features.


Sea Arragement
GlobalCreates a sea even inside the terrain. SurroundingCreate a sea surface from the edges of the terrain, but not inside the terrain.
LevelThe water level in the sea.
Coastal ErosionPerform erosion on the coastal areas.
Shore SizeThe size of the shore created with coastal erosion.
Shore HeightThe height of the shore created with coastal erosion.
VariationThe amount of variation on the coast.
Uniform Variation Morphing
Extra Cliff DetailsAdd extra details to the cliff on the terrain.
Render water surfaceRenders the water surface in the sea area.
Rivers Angle