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The documentation is being updated for version 1.3. Some sections may be incomplete.

The SatMap node gives you access to hundreds of CLUT maps which were created from satellite data collected from around the globe. SatMap works exactly like CLUTer, except you pick from the built-in maps rather than make your own.



LibraryThe Gaea SatMap library consists of hundreds of real life color patterns extracted from satellite data. You can choose from these different categories.
  You can use the Random button to select maps randomly within the current library.

  The Favorites button lets you filter the library to see only the ones you have marked as favorites. A map can be marked as a favorite by right-clicking it and select `Favorite`.
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RockyThis consists of rocky color patterns. SandyThis consists of sandy color patterns. GreenThis consists of green color patterns. BlueThis consists of blue color patterns. ColorfulThis consists of colorful color patterns. Legacy

SatMap Editor

Clip Color MapYou can clip off sides of the color map to remove unwanted portions, or emphasize a specific part of the gradient.
BiasBias allows you to emphasize one side of the gradient over the other. This can be very useful when you want to reduce some color values or increase the influence of another.
SamplesThe number of samples control the interpolation between gradient stops. Higher values create smoother output, but slows down the process.
256 (Fast)256 samples 512 (Slower)512 samples 1024 (Very Slow)1024 samples 2048 (Overkill)2048 samples

Pre Processing

ReverseReverse the direction of the color map.
JitterRandomly shift color values inside the color map for subtle randomization.
Input ClarityEmphaize the clarity of the incoming map.
Input Auto LevelApply auto level to the incoming map.

Post Processing

Output ClarityEmphasize the clarity of the colorized map.
Output Auto LevelApply auto level to the colorized map.
NoiseThe amount of noise to add to the colorized map.
Apply Brightness + ContrastApply a Brightness and Contrast modification.
BrightnessThe Brightness value.
ContrastThe Contrast value.
Apply HSLApply a Hue Saturation Luminosity modification.
HThe Hue value.
SThe Saturation value.
LThe Luminosity value.
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