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The documentation is being updated for version 1.3. Some sections may be incomplete.

Denoise is a general purpose noise removal filter. Denoise systematically cleans up random noise, spikes, and extremely sharp edges.

A single iteration is appropriate in most cases. For extremely noisy terrains that require several passes, it is recommended that the desired area be masked to protect the rest of the terrain from losing important details.


StrengthThe strength of the Denoise operation. Higher values can take a very long time. Use cautiously.
DespeckleDespeckle cleans areas in which noise is noticeable, while leaving complex areas untouched. The noise is reduced without severely affecting contours.
Apply EnhancementWhen enabled, more aggressive denoising is applied.
Target Stray Pixels OnlyWhen enabled, it will only affect single pixel noise or residual artifacts from previous processes.

This node uses Parallel Processing. See this link if you encounter grid-like artifacts in this node.

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