Gaea Documentation
The documentation is being updated for version 1.3. Some sections may be incomplete.

How do I activate my license?

Download and install the Community Edition. You can load the license key on the Start Screen, About dialog, or the main menu in the primary window.

How many computers can I install my Gaea license on?

Indie and Professional licenses can be used on two computers, such as a work PC and a personal laptop, as long as the same person uses it.

Enterprise licenses can only be installed on one machine. For personal use, the user must acquire a separate license.

Are Gaea licenses node-locked?

Yes, Indie and Professional edition licenses are node-locked. However you can deauthorize and move the license to a new machine without requiring intervention from our support team. There is no cost for reactivating a license once you exhaust your included moves.

Enterprise editions are not node-locked and may be moved from machine to machine by deauthorizing an existing installation as frequently as needed.

I lost my license key. How can I recover it?

Contact our support team with your receipt of purchase, transaction ID, or license ID and they will help you.

Can I share or sell the content I create with Gaea?

Yes, you own the content you create. You are welcome to use it however you wish.

Are floating licenses available for Gaea?

Floating licenses are not available at the moment. Talk to the support team for possible workarounds.

Can I transfer my license to someone else?

We will consider this on a case-by-case basis. Get in touch with the support team for details.

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