Mass Deployment on a Network

There are two ways to install Gaea on multiple machines. Below you will find detailed steps for both scenarios. If you require further help or have a specific situation

License Key

For both methods, the most useful way is to have a single key encoded to run on multiple machines. Please contact us to acquire such a key. All volume purchases are automatically issued a key like this.

The below methods assume you have such a key. If you don't, and instead have have multiple keys, you will need to use different keys per installation in both scenarios below.

Administrative Install

To run the installer silently and install to the default path of C:\Program Files\QuadSpinner\Gaea\, use the followin command line. You will require Administrative privileges.

Gaea- /s

To choose the install path specify it with a /D=PATH argument. If your path is not protected, you will not need Administrative privileges.

Gaea- /S /D=C:\Gaea

Finally, copy the license key to the installation folder.

Manual Mass Deployment

For mass deployment, the following may be an easier process as Gaea is now fully portable.

  1. Install Gaea to a temporary folder on any machine.
  2. Copy the license key to the install folder.
  3. Now you can create a zip of the folder or copy it however you prefer to as many computers as you like.

If you are going to use Gaea with Houdini or another application via a Bridge, please run Gaea and close it. This will initiate local files repositories and registry settings that may be required by other applications to detect and communicate with Gaea.


You can patch or upgrade installations in the same was, regardless of the option you choose.