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Predictive System

Learning and Predictive Services

Gaea's internal (and fully local) Predictive Service learns your node creation and connection patterns as you work. When the Quick Create menu shows up (see above), it will attempt to detect if any patterns exist and try to suggest nodes that you are likely to use.

For example, if you find yourself connecting Autolevel to the Flow output of the Erosion node, dragging a connection out from the Flow port and dropping it into empty space on the Graph surface will bring up the Quick Create menu and Autolevel may be one of the suggested nodes.

In the Toolbox's menu, you can select "Show most-used nodes only". This will hide the nodes you don't use frequently from the toolbox, giving you more screen space and making it easier to find the nodes you do use. The other nodes are still available in the Quick Create menu and Search box.