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The documentation is being updated for version 1.3. Some sections may be incomplete.

Released on 02 March 2022

Download 51.77MB

What's new in Gaea 1.3?

This our largest update to date, as well as our Long Term Support (LTS) version.

For a glimpse of all the major features and improvements, see the Gaea 1.3 release blog post.

Please read the Breaking Changes section in the blog post before trying this build with any existing projects.

Tiled Builds are in an early preview and will undergo some changes between. See the Tiled Builds page in the documentation on usage details, and current limitations. More details on Gaea 1.3.1 here.

See the complete changelog here.

Changes in

  • FIX: Thermal Erosion could produce artifacts in rare cases.
  • FIX: Fluvial and MicroErosion had incorrect height.
  • FIX: Selecting Curve node would invalidate child nodes.
  • FIX: Crash when duplicating partially selected items.
  • FIX: Could not paste when switching to a blank graph.
  • FIX: Pasting multiple times would corrupt the graph.
  • FIX: Minor housekeeping fixes.
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