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The documentation is being updated for version 1.3. Some sections may be incomplete.

The documentation is being updated. Some sections may be incomplete.

The Snowfall node simulates snowfall, melting, and settling like in the real world using dedicated snow physics that lets you also control how the snow sticks and flows along the terrain.

Settle and Melt

Advanced Physics



DurationDuration of snowfall.
IntensityIntensity of snowfall.
Settle-ThawRate of settling and thawing.
MeltRate of melting.
Snow lineAltitude at which snowfall stops.


Real ScaleUse the scale defined in the terrain. Disable to access addtional options and modify the snow's physics.
Terrain ScaleScale of the terrain.
VerticalityHeight of the terrain.


Slip-off angleAngle at which snow will stick to the surface.
Adhered snow massMass of snow that sticks to the surface.
IceFloe Lakes

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