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Rugged is a very powerful LookDev node that creates a strong, rocky surface for any terrain while preserving overall shape. This enables you to add tremendous amounts of details to any surface. This node is also useful for breaking up geometric or linear terrains.

One of the useful features of this node is that the Depth parameter is a relative value. Identations created with the Rugged node use different depths, within the range defined in the Depth parameter. The resulting indentations are more natural, especially with the rock fusion that occurs at the side opposite the main edge of each broken "plate".


Strength The strength of the indentations created by the node.
Scale The size of the geological features.
Octaves The number of octaves or iterations of breakage.
Sweep The number of iterations of for lateral erosion from flowing water. When the Scale value is high, a larger number of Sweep iterations may be required to smooth the rock strata.
Depth The average depth of the indentations.
Density The density of the indentation structure. Negative values create deep and wide crevices, while positive values fuse the crevices together, leaving small pockets.
Fragmentation The amount of breakage of the rock strata in each iteration. High values require fewer octaves, but create more uniformity.
SeedThe randomization pattern or seed for the node's process.
Warped Add warping to each octaves to create slightly curved shapes.
Reverse Reverse the structure of the indentations. This creates sharper crevices and edges.
Hard Effect By default, the indentations are softened based on altitude and slope. For low surfaces or if a deeper effect is required, turn this option on.
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