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The documentation is being updated for version 1.3. Some sections may be incomplete.

Soil Map creates a soil mask, with increased density in crevices or other areas where the slope allows for soil to settle. By increasing the Power value, a higher number of soil settling cycles are simulated. A low value provides a "fresh" sprinkling of dust with very little wind and other simulations to "move" the dust afterwards. High values perform more simulation cycles to sprinkle dust but also move it around (repeatedly).

You can combine different Soil Maps using the Combine node set to Max. You can even combine with other Data Maps, such as Flow or Velocity, to create a texture mask upon which color production can take place.


PowerThe power of soil deposits. Smaller values create detailed, small deposits. Larger values create less detailed but stronger deposits.
GradedCreates stacked deposits with geometric progression, which produce softer gradations.
Slope Sunlight

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