Gaea Documentation
The documentation is being updated for version 1.3. Some sections may be incomplete.

ColorFX contains several color map adjustment tools such as Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation/Lightness, Gamma, Clarity, etc.


Brightness + Contrast

Apply Brightness + ContrastApplies Brightness + contrast to the incoming color map.
BrightnessThe Brightness value.
ContrastThe contrast value.

Hue + Saturation + Lightness.

Apply HSLApplies HSL to the incoming color map.
HThe Hue value.
SThe Saturation value.
LThe Lightness value.


Apply AutolevelApplies Autolevel to the incoming color map.
AutolevelThe Autolevel value.


Apply EqualizeApplies Equalize to the incoming color map.
EqualizeThe Equalize value.


Apply GammaApplies Gamma to the incoming color map.
Auto GammaAutomatically choose a gamma value based on the input.
GammaThe Gamma Value.


Apply ClarityApplies localized contrast enhancements to the incoming map.


Apply NoiseApplies noise to the incoming map.
NoiseThe amount of noise to be applied.
SeedThe randomization pattern or seed for the process.


BlurApplies Blur to the incoming map.
PowerAmount of Blur to be applied.
IterationsNumber of iterations of Blur.


DirectionDirection of the flip.
NoneDoes not flip the incoming map. HorizontalFlips the incoming map horizontally. VerticalFlips the incoming map vertically. BothFlips the incoming map both horizonally and vertically.
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