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Crater Coast

Crater: Scale = 4.0

We create a very large Craterfield where one large crater dominates the landscape.

Erosion: Random Sedimentation = 96.82%, Sediment Removal = 50.00%

Erosion with high Random Sedimentation and Sediment Removal gives our craterfield an eroded look without creating too many soil deposits.

This helps preserve the shape while adding erosive details.


Shear adds small structural collapses across all the crater walls.

Sea: Level = 3.65%, Shore Size = 100.00%, Shore Height = 20.47%, Variation = 100.00%, Extra Cliff Details = True

Finally we add coastal erosion with the Sea node that crates cliffs near the large crater wall, and large beaches near the water.

Collapsed Crater Crater Lakes

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