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Range does for mountain ranges what Mountain does for hero mountains. The Range primitive quickly sets up an entire mountain terrain with shapes highly optimized for eroding large scale landscapes.

Range comes in two flavors: High Altitude, which generates taller mountains with little to no ground area; and With Base, which creates more rugged but expansive areas nearly 4x the size of High Altitude. The latter is very useful for heavy erosion to create vast mountainscapes. The former is better suited for being "up in the mountains".

Range (in both forms) is best eroded with two Erosion nodes. One that erodes the entire environment lightly with no downcutting, and another that applies erosion with medium downcutting but is Biased to the top 20-30% of the altitude in the Selective Processing options.

Node Properties
High Altitude : Creates the higher mountain range areas closer to the peaks.
With Base : Creates vast mountainscapes with more rugged features.
ScaleThe scale of the mountain range. Higher values create more peaks.
HeightThe height of the highest peak.
DefinitionEnhances the smaller details of the mountain shape.
SeedThe randomization pattern or seed for the node's process.
Scale XThe non-uniform scale on the X axis.
Scale YThe non-uniform scale on the Y axis.