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The Crater primitive creates different types of crater shapes. Like all primitives, it is not meant to be the finished product, but rather a starting point from which to develop your own detailed shape.

Craters can be either volcanic, which start at the base and go up in a conical shape; or they can be impact, where the inside of the crater can be deeper than the base or the ground around the crater.

Impact Crater: The base is higher than the "ground" as the impact crater goes below the surface.

Volcanic Crater: The base is a flat area and easier to combine with existing terrains.

Node Properties

Available across all profiles

ProfileThe different types of crater styles.
DisplacementDisplacement of the entire crater shape. This can be used to add a bit of variety to the shape. Excess values should be avoided.
SeedThe randomization pattern or seed for the node's process.

Volcanic Profile

ScaleThe scale of the volcano.
HeightThe height of the volcano.
NoiseThe scale of the chaos noise in the basic shape. Low values create more chaos; high values reduce chaos.

Impact Profile

FloorThe altitude of the crater floor.
DepthDepth of the impact. Lowering the depth also elevates the surrounding ground level.
Outer ScaleThe scale of the outer elevated wall of the impact zone.
Inner ScaleThe scale of the inside of the impact zone.
ModulateModulate the distribution between the ground, walls, and floor of the crater zone.
LipCreates a transition wall or "lip" between the inside and outside of the impact zone.