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Recurve is a curvature-based expander node. It can inflate and/or deflate the terrain to create stronger slopes and larger, softer formations from a given noise or terrain.

Despite appearances, Recurve's output is very sensitive to subtle changes in the source heightfield. For example, if prior to Recurve you apply MicroErosion or Breaker, then Recurve will create a very specific flow pattern on those grooves and valleys.

Node Properties
PowerThe strength of the inflate/deflate operation. Higher values cause drastic shifts in shape formation.
ScaleThe amount of details to preserve. Higher values cause more prominent shapes to form.
DurationNumber of operations to repeat.
DegreesThe angle of the recurve.
InflateWhether to inflate the terrain. Off deflates the terrain.
Preserve FidelityThis creates a fixed recurve shape at any resolution.