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The handy Toolbox sits inside the graph, giving you quick drag-drop access to all nodes. You can use the shortcut TAB while in the graph to quickly access the search function, which appears as a popup next to your mouse cursor.

Search Popup

Pressing TAB will show the Search popup. You can press TAB and start typing to get results. Pressing Ctrl + 1 through 9 will activate one of the first nine nodes in the search results.

You can also drag and drop a connection from a node's port into the empty area of the graph. This will trigger the node context menu. If you start typing, it will automatically go into search mode.


Recently used nodes will show up separately in the Search popup if you clear the search text, giving you quicker access to frequently used nodes without having to explicitly set them as favorites.

The Recent nodes list is maintained per-session. It will be emptied when you exit Gaea.

Using the Toolbox

You can drag and drop a node from the toolbox to your Graph surface. If you drop it on a node, it will automatically connect itself to that node's output.

See Graph Workflow for more details on how to use the toolbox convenience features.


Favorite nodes are shown at the top of the Graph. To add or remove a node from favorites, right-click on the tool in the Toolbox and check Show in favorites. You can also right-click on the tool in the Favorites bar on top of the Graph and uncheck Show in favorites to remove it from favorites.

You can choose to show/hide Favorites bar. Open the preferences dialog from main Gaea Menu. Under the Workspace tab, you can check/uncheck Show Favorites in Graph to show/hide the Favorites bar on top of Graph.