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Choosing your Workflow

Gaea provides two different workflows for creating terrains. You can choose the method that best suits your needs, and also switch between the two while working on the terrain.


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Layers are a deceptively simple way to craft terrains. You can stack nodes like Photoshop® layers. This is a great technique to quickly prototype a terrain or explore different ideas, without worrying about managing nodes.

Layers are limited to one-to-one relationships, unlike a graph. Graphs can have one-to-many relationships, where you can create two different "chains" of creation and blend them together in myriad ways.

Read more about this workflow in the Layers Workflow section.


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The Graph provides a sophisticated workflow that is very flexible. Like any other graph-based workflow, you get both simple and complex functions packed into nodes which you can connect to each other to create a network that produces a terrain.

Read more about this workflow in the Graph Workflow section

Next steps

Familiarize yourself with the different tools and interfaces available in Gaea in Getting around, and start exploring some of the @quickstarts examples to see how terrains can be made.