Gaea File Format

Gaea saves files in the following formats:

  • .TOR file
  • .TORX file
  • .RESOURCE file
  • .SCULPT file

.TOR/.TORX file

Gaea terrain projects are saved as a .TOR file. All Gaea editions can read this format.

The .TORX format is available in the Enterprise Edition only. When saving in this format, Gaea saves the project as an XML file. This is useful for direct manipulation.


When using hand drawn nodes such as Mask, Draw, or Islands, the binary data generated will be stored in a .tor.resource or .torx.resource file. So if you have a file called BigMountain.tor, the resource file will be called BigMountain.tor.resource.

If the .resource file for a project is missing, all hand drawn nodes will become empty. When running a build on a project with missing resource, the Build Swarm will throw a warning and exit.

.SCULPT file

Erosion Studio projects will be saved as a .SCULPT file.