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Released on 24 August 2019

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Selective Erosion

The Erosion node now features Selective Processing properties. When not using an Area mask, you can enable Area Effects based on slope or altitude bias. For example, a high slope bias with Precipitation Amount erodes slopes that are steep, while leaving the flat areas alone. This can create very interesting erosion shapes that are not possible with normal physical simulation.

Build Mutations

Now you can select up to 99 mutations in the Build Manager. This will run the build once per each mutation where seeds of all nodes are randomized, giving you a unique terrain in every mutation while still following the core recipe of your graph.

Each mutation's .tor file is stored with the output, so you can manually tweak a specific mutation if you wish to.

CLUTer v2

We have redesigned CLUTer to be faster and more effective. Previously, you could not do much about banding artifacts that could show up on a low slope gradient. Now you can increase the Sample Density setting to smooth the gradient up to a factor of 8!

Protrusion Data Map

The new Protrusion Data Map allows you to highlight protruding rock formations and sharp convexities in a broader form than with the Curvature node. It can be a useful layer in color production.

Complete Changelog


  • Watson Diagnostics tool upgraded.
  • Build Mutations option in Build Manager.
  • New presets for Erosion and Mixer.

Node Updates

  • New Protrusions data map.
  • Selective Processing options in Erosion.
  • CLUTer v2 with controllable Sample Density.
  • MultiMix when using Ctrl + F8 with 3 nodes will connect the 3rd node to the Mask of the Combine.


  • Favorites in graph context menu.
  • New Microincrements interface.
  • Percentage sliders can now accept input in meters.
  • Graph Search Box and Context Menu improved.
  • Faster node map creation when using with Houdini.


  • Combine and Mixer Add blend mode fixed.
  • Vertical Displacement was broken.
  • Exposing a property should automatically name the variable if empty.
  • File button for Input/Output nodes was missing label.
  • Interject Portal created excessive undo steps.
  • When marking nodes for export, use format set in Build Manager instead of default.
  • Several minor memory and efficiency improvements.

Known Issue

  • Hybrid mode in Erosion may cause blank output in higher resolutions. Use Linear mode instead.