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Released on 12 April 2019

Download Full Installer 40.89MB

This version introduces two new heavy hitter nodes for creating color textures - Texture and Vegetation.

Texture and Vegetation

The Texture node creates sophisticated texture masks for coloration using CLUTer, SatMaps or other color nodes. You no longer need to combine multiple data maps to create a texture mask. At the same time, Texture's output can be combined with other data maps for detailed control.

The Vegetation nodes lets you add delicate foliage cover to any color texture map, freeing you from the need to include it in your main color gradient. This layering approach lets you create rich textures.

Impact Craters


The previous update added the new Crater node. However, its capabilities were limited as you pointed out. Based on the feedback, we have updated it with multiple profiles so you can have volcanic and impact craters. Additional profiles will be added in the future.

SatMap Libraries


The SatMaps node gets a v2 upgrade with Libraries. The satellite maps library is quite large with 1200+ maps, and a few hundred more scheduled to be added shortly. To help navigate them better, we have split the large collection into smaller, more meaningfully categorized Libraries.

Presets for Erosion, Thermal, and Snow


To help you realize the full potential of these powerful nodes, we have added 22 new presets. Presets for other nodes are going to be added in subsequent updates.

Preset options are now conveniently available in the Node Properties menu.

New quickstarts


Full Scenes

  • Majestic Canyon
  • Sandstone Slope and Sand
  • Sandstone Mesa


  • Texture and Vegetation
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Jagged Hill
  • Mountain Range
  • Voronoi Mountain Pass

Complete Changelog

New Features

  • Improved setup.
  • Texture node.
  • Vegetation node.
  • SatMaps v2 with Libraries.
  • Impact Crater profile for Crater.
  • Sea Dunes mode for Dunes.
  • Presets for Erosion, Thermal, and Snow nodes.
  • Additional Quickstarts and Technique examples.
  • Patch update capability.
  • What's New dialog.
  • New update mechanism.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Faster startup.
  • Recurve iteration limit increased.
  • Choose separate data path during install.
  • Preferences now uses Registry for data paths.
  • Notes now available as tooltips.
  • Presets now available from the node properties menu.
  • Option to hide toolbar in graph.
  • Ctrl + Click on CREATE A TERRAIN to create blank project.
  • NormalMap output stabilized.
  • Recurve did not honor Preserve Fidelity option.
  • Toggling 2D view could reset the workspace layout.
  • Right-clicking RGBmix caused a crash.
  • Right-clicking an unconnected node caused a crash.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

New Installer

NSIS Installer

We have retired the MSI (Microsoft Installer) based setups for a more flexible installer. One of the main benefits of this installer is that it will work even without admin privileges.

If you choose to install without admin privileges, you should install to a non-protected folder.

NOTE: This installer will automatically try to uninstall the old MSI based installation.

We are also rolling out a new isolation mechanism with this new build and installer which will allow us to provide side-by-side installation capabilities with Production and Early Access builds in the near future.