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Released on 15 March 2019

Download Full Installer 46.24MB

This update introduces new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

NOTE: This is the re-release of Build 8007 to address a minor update issue causing faults in color nodes.

[New] Import RGB files using Input node. [New] Search from the graph context menu. [New] Small graph progress bar for overall processing. [New] Note functionality for individual nodes (Ctrl + N). [New] Max blend (MX) post-process option.

[Improved] Portals are now auto-named. [Improved] New nodes will follow parent's display type. [Improved] Non-critical message boxes replaced with a passive popup. [Improved] UI Zoom slider replaced with dropdown. [Improved] File loading performance. [Improved] Improved diagnostics capturing. [Improved] Warning when connecting mismatched nodes. [Improved] File Input will now allow non-square files.

[Fixed] Gaea would crash when editing mask. [Fixed] Display would freeze when using Post Process Stack. [Fixed] Coast node water level was inaccurate. Recreate node in existing scenes for fix. [Fixed] Single key shortcuts would misfire when holding Ctrl. [Fixed] SatMaps could crash when adding favorites. [Fixed] Several minor bug fixes.

[Removed] Toolbox search panel removed. Use TAB or right-click in graph instead.