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Released on 20 February 2019

Download Full Installer 45.24MB

The first release build for Gaea 1.0!

Build 8001 is a zero-day update to fix late breaking issues reported by users.

[Improved] Busy indicator when node is zoomed out.

[Fixed] Gaea would crash when saving a file. [Fixed] Terrain would become blank or excessively large. [Fixed] Snow secondary output was incorrect. [Fixed] Deleting multiple nodes was slow. [Fixed] Map viewer crashed on the Mesher node. [Fixed] Portal should not have a mask input. [Fixed] Several minor bugfixes.

[Removed] Obsolete menu item for Start Screen removed

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[New] Graph baking. [New] 19 new Quickstarts. [New] Improved installer.

[Improved] Preference added for node delete confirmation. [Improved] Beep on build complete now optional. [Improved] Folder browse dialog changed to native OS dialog. [Improved] Document location can be set in the First Run and Options dialog. [Improved] Marking a node for output is now called "Mark for export" instead of "Save". [Improved] Pending nodes were not clearly visible clearly when zoomed out. [Improved] Growth output has better grading. [Improved] Improved .resource file handling. [Improved] Water level sliders now accept meters. [Improved] Transform can scale up to 5x. [Improved] Gaea executables and installer are now signed. [Improved] Viewport would cause instant crash on startup in rare situations.

[Fixed] Gaea would crash in Sculpt mode. [Fixed] Bypass and save of multiselect node would not apply properly. [Fixed] Gaea can now take screenshots when 3D viewport is disabled. [Fixed] Toolbox not hidden when switching to layers workflow. [Fixed] Switching workspace while working in layers workflow wouldn't work. [Fixed] Terrain would not build if resource was deleted. [Fixed] Microincrements were broken in Zoom UI slider. [Fixed] Numeric entry would not work in Zoom UI slider. [Fixed] Synth was too slow. [Fixed] Raw was not resampling to Unreal sizes. [Fixed] Normal map output was contaminated. [Fixed] Dispose temporary files properly. [Fixed] Tiles visible in Aperture in random mode. [Fixed] Workspace would not show properly for first time users. [Fixed] Embedded 2D viewport was not visible in layers workflow. [Fixed] Dozens of minor bugs were addressed.

[Issue] Some Mesher output parameters may be disabled or not register changes. [Issue] Undo does not work correctly in some cases.