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Released on 30 August 2018

Download Full Installer 47.38MB

This is a major build with new features and several improvements. Please see for details.

[New] Redesigned viewport system [New] Procedural shaders for terrain previews [New] Error recovery: emergency autosave shown in Startup screen after crash [New] Copy/Paste one or multiple nodes and connections [New] Growth Map [New] New graph style option [New] New connection style option [New] Drop files into the graph to convert to File Input nodes [New] Take screenshot of the viewport [New] Take screenshots of both the graph and viewport [New] Safe Mode option in Start Menu for disaster recovery [New] 2D viewport mode for lower-end computers [New] Voice commands (experimental)

[Improved] Add Layer popup can now be replaced with menu (see Preferences) [Improved] Added auto save option in Preferences [Improved] Engine size reduced by ~50% for smaller update sizes [Improved] File loading time reduced dramatically [Improved] File sizes reduced by up to 60% [Improved] Min/Max commands in slider context menus [Improved] Recent files respond to 1-9 keys [Improved] Restart warning when changing specific preferences [Improved] Several nodes have been improved for speed [Improved] Biome can now selectively disable topological zones

[Fixed] Autosave created duplicate saves [Fixed] Crash when user settings could not be loaded correctly [Fixed] Directed Erosion tool window would not close [Fixed] Duplication now works properly [Fixed] Error thrown by Erosion node is now captured, but node may still not work in some cases [Fixed] Fixed inconsistent naming convention in Data Maps [Fixed] Graph screenshots now saved as TIF to avoid PNG encoder issues [Fixed] Microerosion was broken at higher resolutions [Fixed] Microerosion would become too strong at higher resolutions [Fixed] Node interjection only works when holding down Shift while dragging [Fixed] Port activation animation fixed [Fixed] Preferences dialog did not remember the last tab [Fixed] Savable nodes with the same filename are incremented instead of overwritten

[Removed] Classic Engine shaders/materials temporarily removed for compatibility [Removed] Contours and orbit view skybox temporarily removed for compatibility [Removed] Water visuals temporarily removed for compatibility [Removed] Contrast node; use Bias-Gain instead [Removed] Defunct coastal mode removed from Hydro [Removed] Grooves option removed from Landform

[Issue] Biome may show some unnecessary noise. [Issue] The Erosion node and Toolset 2 may crash on certain PCs. We're investigating this issue. [Issue] Some example files may not work completely. [Issue] The new viewport may not function properly with some superficial features. We're working on this.