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Released on 01 August 2018

Download Full Installer 88.05MB

This is a major build with several new nodes and other improvements. Please see for details.


  • Main UI has been cleaned up
  • 30 new Quickstarts added
  • New Startup Screen
  • Mutate terrain
  • Mouse middle button now pans the graph
  • Mouse middle button now pans the viewport
  • Toolbox can span the entire height of the window
  • Highlight nodes in toolbox based on frequency of use
  • Auto Layout revised
  • Motion blur and vignette removed from Ultra performance profile
  • TAB key takes you to node search
  • Main menu item to open Start Screen anytime
  • Loading files is significantly faster
  • Viewport defaults to Medium quality
  • Post Process panel redesigned
  • Clamp post process has been removed (for now)
  • Multiple nodes can be bypassed at once
  • Preferences dialog has been reworked (work in progress)


  • Dunes (new primitive node)
  • Fault (new primitive node)
  • Igenous (new primitive node)
  • VoronoiPlus (new primitive node)
  • Synth (new color node)
  • HSL (new color node)
  • BrightnessContrast (new color node)
  • Directed Erosion Toolset 2 now available. See known issues below!
  • 200+ new SatMaps added to the existing collection
  • New interface for SatMaps
  • Erosion node can also produce light weight rivers
  • File node recognizes SVG files (simplified SVG recommended)
  • BiasGain processing fixed
  • Combine node now also provides separation mask
  • Zero Borders introduces an additional mode
  • Threshold node now has two modes, and an invert option
  • Placer has been renamed to Transform
  • Rotator has been retired, used Transform instead
  • Square mode in Gradient has been retired (for now)


  • Fixed an issue where too much memory was consumed over time
  • Fixed an issue where cursor would stay busy when loading a file
  • Toolbox search results did not show context menu

Known Issues

  • The Erosion node and Toolset 2 may crash on certain PCs. We’re investigating this issue.
  • Biome may show some unnecessary noise.
  • Due to structural changes in the file format, old files may not fully work with this new build.