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Released on 15 September 2017

Download Full Installer 102.72MB

The TOR Platform BETA 1 New Build, with significant stability updates, upgraded render engine, and 100+ improvements.

NEW: Viewport engine upgraded for better performance. NEW: Engine code improved; several memory leaks fixed. FIX: Crash on build. FIX: Navigation system fixed (Alt + Mouse1 to rotate). Other improvements forthcoming. FIX: Viewport not visible on startup, until window is minimized. FIX: Toolbar build button was not available. FIX: Viewport quality settings were reset on startup. NEW: Update notifications - new builds will arrive faster. NEW: Sculpt Modes in Erosion Studio: Normal, Infinite, Erosive. NEW: Viewport settings tab is now a toolbar for easier access. NEW: Aesthetics for sliders. NEW: Layer list now looks similar to the Graph mode's nodes. NEW: Working-animation for layers/nodes. NEW: Ambient occlusion in viewport for better visualization of cavities. NEW: Drag/drop layers to reorder. NEW: Combine properties show blend modes in text instead of icons. NEW: MSI based setup, with repair, reinstall, and auto-upgrade capabilities. FIX: Several dozen small fixes and improvements.