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Released on 23 May 2018

Download Full Installer 86.71MB

This is a minor build with several key changes. Please see for details.


  • Color tools: CLUTer, Biome, SatMaps.
  • Fold erosion node to simulate terrain folding and tilted strata.
  • Distribution node to create probability distributions.
  • Undo/Redo system (initial implementation).


  • Erosion now allows downcutting (vertical erosion).
  • Group nodes together for moving and organizing (Ctrl + G / U).
  • Put nodes inside a collapsible container. (Only through right-click menu, not popup)
  • Route connections by adding routing vertices (select connection, Ctrl + Click).
  • Improved mask visualization, with higher fidelity.
  • Minor UI updates for improved cognition.


  • Multiple nodes can be selected and moved properly.
  • Output node can be bypassed (disabled).
  • Selecting output node shows preview.
  • Pinned node is preserved after loading.
  • Dragging a node over multiple connections will interject all connections.
  • 2D View would crash Gaea when selecting an output node.
  • SlopeNoise now honors seed value at all times.
  • Nodes show information tooltip.
  • Changing connection from a "mask" to "heightfield" port honors display type.
  • In some cases, clicking UPDATE would crash the application.

Known Issues

  • The Erosion node may crash on certain PCs. We’re investigating this issue.
  • Biome may show some unnecessary noise.
  • SatMaps does not have a dedicated preview interface, yet. Expect it in the next build.
  • Some elements in the startup screen are disabled by design. They will become active in the next build.
  • Some users get a crash on adding a node. Please use the drag-drop toolbox in the Graph instead while we investigate and fix this issue.
  • Due to structural changes in the file format, old files may not fully work with this new build.