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Released on 04 May 2018

Download Full Installer 86.04MB

This is a minor build with several key changes. Please see for details.

NEW: Basic version of the Bomber node. UPDATE: Viewport attachment is now controlled via preferences, instead of the Tools tab. UPDATE: Node list is now hidden in Graph workflow. UPDATE: New Clamp UI for Post Process tab. FIX: Several optimizations to the Erosion node. FIX: Save Output did not save secondary output. FIX: Voronoi shows unnecessary clipping. FIX: Mountain is extremely slow at high resolutions. FIX: Radial Gradient is extremely slow at high resolutions. FIX: Mask functionality was not working. FIX: Numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow, memory exceeded, and timeouts.

Known Issues

  • The Erosion node may crash on certain PCs. We’re investigating this issue.
  • Some elements in the startup screen are disabled by design. They will become active in the next build.
  • Some users get a crash on adding a node. Please use the drag-drop toolbox in the Graph instead while we investigate and fix this issue.
  • Due to structural changes in the file format, old files may not fully work with this new build.