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Released on 17 April 2018

Download Full Installer 86.07MB

This is a major build with many changes. Please see for details.

NEW: Drag or drop node on top of a connection to interject. NEW: Drag a connection into empty space to create a new node. NEW: Drop a node on another node to connect them. NEW: Double click node to rename. NEW: Customize orbit mode controls. NEW: Bezier connections option for Graph. NEW: Files always open at 512 preview resolution. Change in Preferences. NEW: Press F8 in Graph to combine selected nodes via Combine nodes. NEW: Post Process tab allows common operations without additional nodes. NEW: Choose between large popup and context menu for Graph in Preferences. NEW: Windows 10 specific visual enhancements. Can be disabled in Preferences. NEW: Recent files in main menu.

UPDATED: Displace can be set to Vertical mode. UPDATED: Gradient's Linear mode now produces sawtooth gradient with the Single option. UPDATED: Terrace node now accepts modulation input. UPDATED: Crash data collection for unexpected errors. UPDATED: Major speed improvement for the Erosion node. UPDATED: New Fidelity option in Recurve preserves shapes across resolutions. UPDATED: Build dialog now has a nodes list, and hardware statistics.

FIXED: Right-clicking on Node shows full context menu. FIXED: Duplicating node fixed. FIXED: Extra mask-style output will automatically show as 2D. FIXED: Descendant nodes from Mask type output will show as 2D. FIXED: Mountain would take too long to build at higher resolutions. FIXED: Loaded files would break certain node chains. FIXED: Some labels in toggle buttons were cut off. FIXED: A few rare crashes have been addressed. FIXED: Disconnected or deleted nodes would improperly affect neighbor nodes. FIXED: Multiple items could not be moved in the Graph. FIXED: Repulse did not accept new values. FIXED: Label in Startup screen was truncated. FIXED: Detached Viewport preference and location are now preserved. FIXED: Fixed memory leak in Gradient and several other nodes. FIXED: Pinned node is now highlighted.


  • The Erosion node can take a while at resolutions above 512 x 512.
  • The Erosion node does not report progress yet, so it may seem “stuck”.
  • The Erosion node may crash on certain PCs. We’re investigating this issue.
  • Some elements in the startup screen are disabled by design. They will become active in the next build.
  • Due to structural changes in the file format, old files may not fully work with this new build.